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At Credit Supreme Business Services, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, real estate investors, and traders structure and develop their businesses for a long-term success plan. 


Whether you are investing in real estate, trading the stock market, or starting an online business, setting up the correct business structure from the start can save you THOUSANDS in taxes. It can protect you and your assets, and even help develop business funding. PRIME Corporate Services can make sure you have the right structure and scalable support to crush your goals and ensure long-term success.


When it comes to taxes, the more you know, the more you keep. But the IRS doesn’t make things easy. The tax code is complicated—which is why it is so important to have specialized help preparing your taxes year-round. Our CPAs specialize in working with the constantly evolving tax code in your unique business sector. With PRIME on your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re keeping every penny you can.


How you scale your business is tied, in large part, to how you fund your business. When you structure your business properly, you are able to build and develop a credit profile that leverages the value in your company, rather than relying on your personal credit and assets. PRIME Corporate Services can help you build and develop your business credit profile quickly and efficiently, giving you access to the funds you need to scale and succeed.

We have been super impressed with the knowledge and experience of our credit coach! He is always reachable by phone/email when we need something. We have talked on a schedule regularly for several months and haven’t missed a call. The instructions are very clear on what you need to do to get your business credit started successfully. By following his instructions we feel we are on the right path to having a successful business credit score which will open so many doors for our business.
Bethany A

Business Credit Client


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